Welcome to the Two Ladies Bakery family!

We are a truly family business. We make desserts with love, as if they are made for our family.

Hello! I am Anastasia Ozkan
- a founder, current manager of Two Ladies Bakery, a happy wife and above all - a loving mother of two wonderful boys Mustafa and Kemal.
Two Ladies Bakery was established in May 2018.

The main idea was to create a confectionery with European desserts. Proven recipes from childhood, iconic tastes that bring us back into memories.

- a business partner and a guide in this delicious business

The name two ladies bakery was created by my husband, Caglar
The name Two Ladies carries a hidden meaning. The first is the woman that everyone sees (housewife, mother, business lady, the one who needs to cope with everything around ...), the second woman is that vulnerable woman, girl, princess that each of us wants to be. After all, often we just need to relax and unwind, so that the magic wand does everything for us.

Our bakery is that very magic wand when you don't have to stand at the stove, but just drop in to us and your table is already filled with your favorite sweets. You just have to enjoy the time spent with family and friends.
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