Woow Desert Classes

For Children and Adults
Corporate parties and team buildings

You will not just follow the confectioner's work, but prepare the dish yourself
you can ask any questions that interest you

What is a master class
from Two Ladies Bakery?

• small groups (8-15 people)
• all inventory, consumables and products
• proven recipes of popular sweets
• free, friendly atmosphere
For Children and Adults
Many of you have already experienced our usual warm atmosphere and our desire to share our confectionery secrets with you.

Those who still haven’t - you are welcome to join us in these special moments of the dessert world.

ADULT CLASSES - we are waiting for everyone who wants to learn new techniques, improve their confectionery skills or just have a fun time.

CHILDREN'S CLASSES - we invite older children for independent learning and younger children with their parents for joint work.

Corporate parties
and Team Buildings


A bright corporate event with a confectionary action master class and a wow-gastronomic effect for the company!
We want to arrange an unforgettable culinary show for you and your employees!

See how our corporate classes are held

All the masterclasses are held at our premises!
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