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We have partnered with a brand new and unique Frost Martini Bar&Lounge in the heart of historic Doylestown. We have created 3 unique desserts especially for this bar.

Frost Martini Bar and Lounge ground opening featuring three unique desserts from TWO LADIES BAKERY, two of which are gluten-free.

Experience sweet indulgence in the heart of the historic Doylestown!

frost Martini Bar and Lounge Grand Opening.

for children and adults at Tip Top School
Interactive master class “Tea Ceremony”
- Wonder Woman Club
Valentine’s Day for Adults Master Class

master class for children (ages 5-12) at Tip Top School
Valentine’s Day “I ❤️ U Bento Cake “

for children (ages 5-12) at Tip Top School

and Monster Cake master class

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Our classes is a great idea of making any of your events fun and unforgettable - from thematic birthdays and holidays to c
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